17 February 2017

teamLab: Transcending Boundaries

My sister and I have a private phrase between us - "Fuck off and write your own novel!" How we laugh. It's such a great antidote to critique or indeed criticism to creative efforts by those who have not really put themselves through all those processes of actually producing something and putting it out there.

Why does there always have to be criticism? Why cannot people for once just accept that something is as it is, sit back and enjoy it without making unwelcome comments and suggestions?

Clearly there are actually reasons.

However, once in a while, there comes along a thing that is so disarming, that all those thoughts and ideas, all the alternatives that come to mind about different approaches, or what I might have done, and so on, just melt away, and you can sit back and enjoy an experience for what it is.

It's probably too late to book Transcending Boundaries by teamLab (although people were successfully turning up when we were there for returns and slipped in). Yes, I had criticisms, questions, alternative views. You get twenty minutes inside, and feel rushed when alerted that time is up, and that it would be frankly lovely to stay for a while more.

Lights, colours, flowers, butterflies, all gently moving around you, responding to your presence, seeming to land upon you.

Comments rise, but I let them go and let it be. Yes, with that opportunity and those resources, I may well have done it differently, but this time I'm happy to enjoy it and go off to write my own novel.

Transcending Boundaries
Pace Gallery
25th January - 11th March 2017


17th February 2017

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