Eleanor MacFarlane
Moving Image Artist

online...onsite...artgallery...theViewergallery is an area and arena devised by artist Eleanor MacFarlane for various online, onsite and popup art projects, a platform for enterprises, artworks and sometime collaborations with other artists. Occasional and recurring projects include theLongLine ongoing drawing events, theProgressiveImage explorations of moving image, Crucial Pursuit! the financial planning game for artists and Absolute Magnitude travelling postcard project.

Covert Artist in Residence

Research along the lines of art and creativity


Now reviewing psychology books for The Psychologist magazine

I reviewed books for the Good Book Guide for some years.
Sadly, this brilliant publication shut up shop in 2015.
I am gradually adding some of my reviews from there into this site.

I occasionally contribute reviews to Artists Newsletter
(used to be a direct link, now readers have to sign in)

I reviewed exhibitions, theatre, film, music for The Upcoming, 2012 - 14

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